About us

1- What is Aflamhub.com?

Aflamhub.com is a website where you can find and share links and upload video clips and discover thousands of HD movies and videos. this website app comes with a polished UI which is highly loved by it's users. And it enables you to find movies from many genres, ranging from romance to horror. Aflamhub.com also gives the possibility of uploading most of your new videos and movies. Here is definitely your one stop over website to find almost all the new videos and movies as long as you bookmark it for your next visit.

2- How Aflamhub.com works?

Basically Aflamhub.com allows video-makers to upload films or share a generated links from their accounts with websites such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Twitch, Vimeo, Facebook, Ok.ru, MP4,... for free, while streaming other channels and get discovered. stream your work to get paid and make easy money of your films and videos - worldwide.

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