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Big Underground System: Moscow Metro | Giant Hubs | Episode 6 | Free Documentary

Aflam Hub
Published on 18 Jun 2020 / In Documentary Films

Giant Hubs Episode 6: Moscow Metro - The most punctual metro system in the world!

It is one of the biggest and busiest metro systems in the world: The Moscow Metro. During rush hour the trains are running every 90 seconds to transport around 9 million people daily – that makes 2.3 billion a year. Which means: it is the busiest metro outside of Asia. Nevertheless, the trains are at 99,9 % on time - world record for the most punctual metro system!

This is made possible by a sophisticated operating and maintaining system, innovative technique and a perfect match from all departments.

Every line of the metro is running completely self-sufficient, on its own system of rails and underground stations. Disruptions on one line do not affect the other ones.

The Moscow metro is also known as the most beautiful metro system in the world. 44 of its 200 stations along the 346-kilometer-long rails are world heritage sites. Built in the 1930ies these stations look like palaces – to preserve them in good condition means a big effort.

In World War II, the metro served as bunkers for the inhabitants of Moscow and the stations were used as military bases. One of the reasons why Moscow Metro is one of the deepest in the world! Even during the war, the Russians keep on expanding their metro system – and they still do. There are construction sites all over Moscow, so it is also one of the fastest growing line networks.
Discover these and more stories in the underground of Moscow – on Giant Hubs!


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