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Chencho - Full Comedy Movie In Spanish / Pelicula Completa de Comedia

Published on 26 May 2020 / In Film Trailers

Chencho is a boy of humble means from Mexico, who aspires to marry the beautiful Eloisa. The girl, however, is least interested in Chencho.
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Thinking that she might have to get into an arranged marriage, Eloisa chooses to run away. She leaves for the US with Carmen, her best friend. She believes that her cousin Bambi would help her get a job but Bambi just wants to make her another stripper in his club. Here, Chencho is not ready to give up on his dreams of Eloisa and follows her to the US.
Director: Adam Jacobo
Cast: Adam Jacobo, Daniela Melgoza, Juan Carlos Fuentes, Richard Villa
Date: 2006

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