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Elusive Rhino: Walking with Armoured Giants | Austin Stevens Adventures | E06 | Nature Documentary

Aflam Hub
Published on 18 Jun 2020 / In Documentary Films

Rhino: Austin heads to the grasslands of Swaziland in search of the rare and elusive rhino. Although rhinos are one of the deadliest animals in Africa, Austin wants to get up close to photograph them.

Austin finds rhino prints, which leads him to a white rhino female and her tiny newborn. Hoping to catch a glimpse of the nearly extinct black rhino, Austin devises a unique plan to photograph this deadly beast. But the black rhino charges straight at him before he can put his plan into action.

Finally Austin locates a massive herd of rhino wallowing at a local watering hole. And it’s here that Austin decides to really test the boundaries. He ends up just feet away from a two ton armour-plated giant. But he wants to get closer. Just how far can he go?

Also in this episode… Austin is charged by a herd of elephants, encounters a feisty and venomous Snouted Cobra, and has a very close call with a deadly Twig Snake.

Did you know…?
• A true giant with over two tons of armour-plated bone and muscle, the white rhino is heavier than a large car.
• The white rhino’s name refers not to its colour, but the Afrikaans word for ‘wide’ – a description of its massive mouth.
• More dangerous and elusive than the white rhino, the black rhino is easily distinguished by the hooked upper lip it uses to grasp its food.
• Rhinos eat 40 kilograms of tiny leaves every day, can drink up to eighty litres of water daily, and can outrun an Olympic sprinter.


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