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The Darkest Episodes Of Kids' TV Shows
19 Jun 2020
The Darkest Episodes Of Kids' TV Shows
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Great Shows That Were Ruined By One Bad Actor Replacement


Having the right actor or actress is an integral aspect of any successful TV show. Sometimes, these stars are so important that the show can't go on without them. Here are some major TV shows that just couldn't recover from the loss and replacement of a leading actor.

Sleepy Hollow, Fox's supernatural police drama, was always a little bit different than other cop shows. For starters, one of its main characters was Ichabod Crane from Washington Irving's short story "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow," who comes back to life in the present day after having died 200 or so years prior.

Crane then helps fight supernatural menaces alongside police lieutenant Abbie Mills. Over three seasons, Sleepy Hollow settled into its role as a quirky police procedural, and then it did the unthinkable Abbie died and actress Nicole Beharie left the series.

Despite a steep loss of viewers from season 1 to season 3, Sleepy Hollow returned for a fourth season without Abbie. Ichabod was now partnered with a Homeland Security agent named Diana Thomas. The cast reboot didn't do Sleepy Hollow any favors, though. The show fell even further in the ratings and was soon canceled.

After seven seasons of the hit Fox sitcom, actor Topher Grace decided to leave That '70s Show in order to more fiercely pursue his blossoming film career. Eric wasn't the only member of the gang who left; Kelso, played by the show's other biggest star, Ashton Kutcher, also left the show, although Kutcher stuck around for a few episodes in season 8 to explain his character's departure.

To replace two very big holes in its cast, producers hired just one actor, Mad TV veteran Josh Meyers. His character, Randy, gets a job at Hyde's record store and has a brief relationship with Donna, Eric's old girlfriend. Neither Randy nor Meyers had much time to mesh with the ensemble; the decimated cast may have contributed to the show's diminished popularity and inevitable ending. The eighth season of That '70s Show would be its last, although Grace and Kutcher would both come back to say good-bye for the finale. Keep watching the video to see actor replacements in the past decade that basically ruined TV shows!


Sleepy Hollow | 0:15
That '70s Show | 1:01
Step by Step | 1:57
The Facts of Life | 3:01
American Idol | 3:40
NewsRadio | 4:37
Lethal Weapon | 5:26
Kevin Can Wait | 6:26
Northern Exposure | 7:24
Head of the Class | 8:17
Community | 9:18
Scrubs | 10:33

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The Darkest Episodes Of Kids' TV Shows
19 Jun 2020
The Darkest Episodes Of Kids' TV Shows
Aflam Hub · 3 Views