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Halloween Party (Free Full Movie, Comedy, AWARD WINNING, Halloween Movie, Watch Free) Movie

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Published on 19 Jun 2020 / In Film Trailers

Halloween Party (2012): Ben and Julie's annual Halloween Party is about to go off the Richter scale, when their single, high maintenance girlfriend drags in a homeless guy, thinking he's a party goer, because SHE needs an escort.

Director: Linda Palmer
Writers: Mark Cardone (story), Betsy Morris (story)
Stars: Elle Newlands, Frank Gangarossa, Chris Pentzell
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 30 September 2012 (USA)
Filming Locations: Long Beach, California, USA

Ben and Julie's annual Halloween Party is about to go off the Richter scale, when their single, high maintenance girlfriend drags in a homeless guy, thinking he's a party goer, because SHE needs an escort. Not only has she dated everyone there; unbeknownst to her, Ben has invited her lame ex-boyfriend in hopes of reuniting them. As she spends the night avoiding her ex, and the other undesirable guys in attendance, she interacts with a colorful assortment of party peeps. Between disappearing fortune tellers and over crowded jacuzzis, she questions if real love is even possible. The irony; the only person she's the least bit attracted to, is the homeless man! Written by Runaway Productions

User Reviews (IMDb.com): "

Halloween Party is fast-paced and funny, with just the right touches of drama, well-spaced throughout the film. The flow is excellent, with so many hilarious scenes my face hurt from laughing so much. The characters portrayed are so true to life I could identify many of them with people I know.

I felt like I was at the party with my friends, neighbors and co-workers along with their dates and significant others. Halloween Party is a true slice of life in America with a rich array of characters giving powerful insights into their day to day lives. The homeless man and the trick or treaters provide an in depth look at the attitudes, concerns and interactions of everyday Americans today. Very touching scenes. And the music! I just wanted to get up and dance over and over throughout the film.

All music lovers will be delighted with Halloween Party." Written by sharonhart1945 "All I can say is OMG and WOW. This film kept me stuck to the edge of my seat and fighting my need to visit the facilities. This tittilating comedy was like being on the tilt-a-whirl and antipating the next hilarious spin of witty dialogue. I loved dark edginess in line with the Halloween theme. The main characters were brilliantly casted. I found myself completely empathizing with them to the point of mild infatuation.

I was so utterly annoyed and angry at the self involved and perverted protagonist that I wanted to reach my hand right through the screen and choke his furry neck. The story shows that by not jumping to conclusion and looking below the surface, that even through the pain and suffering of a broken life, love can still be found and the healing begins. Kudos to the makers of this thoroughly enjoyable comedy of friendship and human nature." Written by alphadogblue "Halloween Party … Different. Mysterious.

Emotional. Totally entertaining with a crazy-terrific soundtrack! This Halloween Party is not a typical house party. The attendees are an incredible, humorous cast of characters who left me wondering, "Just where are these people from?" The optical marvel of the traveling camera took me from room to room, bumping into people, recognizing a few, chatting with many, and watching others from a distance…I was there. The fast-paced action was so captivating that, when the party ended, I didn't want to leave. This informal and seemingly unscripted movie defines one Halloween Party that would truly be the event of a lifetime. Any others would just be, well, a party." Written by festearns


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