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Killer Lion Stakeout | Austin Stevens Adventures | E11 | Free Documentary Nature

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Published on 18 Jun 2020 / In Documentary Films

Taking on one of his most difficult and dangerous missions yet, Austin heads to Tanzania’s Serengeti Plains in search of lions, and is determined to capture photos of the mighty predator in action.

Timing his assignment to coincide with the great migration, Austin searches the savannah around Lake Ndutu for water holes fringed with woodlands — the perfect habitat for big cats. But when his vehicle breaks down, he heads out on foot to find a replacement. He eventually comes across a pride of three females and six playful cubs. Sooner or later, Austin knows they’ll have to hunt, but in order to capture it on film he has to be in the right place – at just the right time. Day after day, he finds the pride already feasting on a fresh kill. Until one morning, he spots two lionesses stalking a small herd of wildebeest. And suddenly, the hunt is on... Will he get his photos?

Also in this episode… Austin encounters vultures and hyenas, giraffes, and herds of zebras and elephants.

Did you know…?
• Tanzania is home to 3,000 lions – more than any other place in the world.
• Working in teams, the execution of a lion’s hunt is deliberate, precise and very fast.
• Ambush predators who like to sneak up on their prey, lions prefer the cover of wooded areas to open savannahs.
• With eyes six times more sensitive than humans, lions can see perfectly in the dark.
• Fewer than one in three lion hunts are successful and, if they don’t make a kill, the pride is just two weeks away from starvation.
Lion cubs are prevented from eating until the adults have had their fill.

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