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Movie Scenes That Nearly Killed Jackie Chan
19 Jun 2020
Movie Scenes That Nearly Killed Jackie Chan
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Love Scenes Actors Wish They'd Never Filmed


Audiences love when on-screen romances get steamy. But behind the scenes, it's not always the stuff of dreams. Whether it was due to bad acting, weird memories, or embarrassing injuries, here are some love scenes that actors wish they could take back.

Jennifer Lawrence has had multiple romantic scenes with some of Hollywood's dreamiest leading men. But it wasn't until the 2016 sci-fi drama Passengers that one of her love scenes went beyond kissing. She had to get cozy with her handsome co-star, Chris Pratt, but she wasn't entirely comfortable with the premise. As she told The Hollywood Reporter,

"It was really bizarre, it was really weird. Everything was done right, it wasn't anybody's fault, nobody did anything wrong, it's just a bizarre experience."

Her discomfort stemmed from guilt over the fact that Pratt was married at the time to actress Anna Faris. As Lawrence noted,

"It was going to be my first time even kissing a married man, and guilt is like the worst feeling in your stomach. I knew it was my job, but I couldn't tell my stomach."

The scene came back to haunt Lawrence again months after Passengers left theaters. In August 2017, Pratt and Faris announced that they were separating, and unfounded rumors started spreading that Lawrence was somehow involved. She called it the weirdest rumor she'd heard about herself. Fortunately Faris took the high road, writing in her memoir Unqualified that she and Lawrence are on friendly terms.

The James Bond franchise is famous for its steamy scenes between Agent 007 and an unending array of stunningly beautiful women. But things don't always go smoothly backstage. 1985's A View to a Kill was the last of Roger Moore's six Bond films. He was 57 at the time of the film's release, making him the oldest actor to ever play the role. But the women Bond seduces stay eternally young. One of his conquests in the film, May Day, was played by model and musician Grace Jones, who was 20 years Moore's junior. And boy, did their age gap create some tension on set.

In his memoir, Moore remembered that Jones would play loud music in her dressing room, which prevented him from getting his afternoon nap. After unsuccessfully asking her to turn the music down, he got so annoyed that he threw a chair at the dressing room wall. As he dryly observed, this didn't help set the mood for their upcoming love scene. Fortunately, Jones didn't hold Moore's outburst against him forever. Keep watching the video to see love scenes actors wish they'd never filmed.


Passengers | 0:00
A View to a Kill | 1:24
The Room | 2:34
How to Get Away with Murder | 3:40
Sex and the City | 4:42
American Pie | 5:55
The Spectacular Now | 7:13
Frida | 8:20
Anna Kendrick | 9:37
The Wolf of Wall Street | 10:44

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Movie Scenes That Nearly Killed Jackie Chan
19 Jun 2020
Movie Scenes That Nearly Killed Jackie Chan
Aflam Hub · 18 Views