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Published on 15 May 2020 / In Film Trailers

Luna: Spirit of the Whale - Mike Maquinna returns to his home town of Gold River on Vancouver Island to attend the funeral of his father, Mowachaht/Muchalaht First Nations Chief Ambrose Maquinna.

Luna: Spirit of the Whale (2007)
Director: Don McBrearty
Writers: Marguerite Pigott (story editor), Elizabeth Stewart
Stars: Adam Beach, Graham Greene, Jason Priestley
Genres: Drama | Family
Country: Canada
Language: English
Release Date: 13 May 2007 (Canada)
Also Known As: Luna, l'orque
Filming Locations: Britannia Beach, British Columbia, Canada

Mike Maquinna returns to his home town of Gold River on Vancouver Island to attend the funeral of his father, Mowachaht/Muchalaht First Nations Chief Ambrose Maquinna. With a troubled past including alcoholism, Mike does not intend on staying to claim his rightful place as Chief, but intends on returning to his current life as a logger in Bella Coola. Meanwhile, a lone Orca whale - dubbed Luna by western media - has been spotted in the area, the whale unusually socialized to boats and humans. Luna, suspected to be a missing juvenile from a pod now living south of the area in Puget Sound, becomes a public sensation, both as a spectacle and a human interest story. The Department of Fisheries & Oceans (DFO) administration, led by Ted Jeffries, plans on reuniting Luna with his pod, which means capturing the young Orca.

Warning: Spoilers
"The other comment that Luna was killed is correct. Mar 11, 2006 Luna, the juvenile killer whale from Washington state waters who got lost in Canada's Nootka Sound five years ago, apparently died Friday when he was accidentally struck by a tugboat propeller, Canadian authorities said. The tug's big propeller, contained in a cylinder, "generates a lot of current. ... It would have been a sudden death." "The skipper is reported to be greatly distressed. He called the coast guard immediately after it happened," Sloan said from agency offices in Vancouver, British Columbia. "A lot of people here are pretty shocked and saddened." "It's a very tragic ending," he said. Luna was about 6 years old. Orca life stages roughly parallel those of humans, so he was the killer-whale equivalent of a young child." Written by kljbaker on IMDb.com

"Having worked very closely with the First Nations people along the Remote Coast of British Columbia, I really enjoyed this story. The Mowachaht / Muchalaht people are very welcoming and open as well as very much into their history and culture. Mike Maquinna is very accurately portrayed towards the end of the film with the way he is in real life. He has a true passion for his people and is one of the most level-headed and down to earth chiefs that I have ever met. Anyone who is interested in learning about First Nations culture, beliefs, and values, this is a must see. I gave it a nine simply because it would have been nice to see a little bit more of the culture of the people and use this as even more of an educational film. One of Luna's favorite things was to follow the vessel Uchuck III, and it would have been good to see that in there a little bit more along the coast up into Yuquot (Friendly Cove). Other than that, I'd say it's a great story and would highly recommend it!" Written by cubfan1984 on IMDb.com

"I saw this movie 2007Apr18 at the Toronto Sprockets fest. Its a kids/family movie and I'm not a kid so I can't give you the kid's point of view. As an adult I found it better than most Disney stuff but nothing amazing. I liked the story (without giving much away is about a human spirit in an Orca whale). It was unique and seemed authentic. There is also parallel story which doesn't invoke any sea mammals. I sometimes felt I was watching an episode of the Beachcombers -- but maybe all dramas set in the Canadian West coast will have that feel for some viewers. This is meant to be a criticism. All in all this is a film most families will like." Written by spoiler7


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