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Mega Constructions: Biggest Marshaling Yard, Suspension Bridge & Intersection | Free Documentary

Aflam Hub
Published on 18 Jun 2020 / In Documentary Films

Mega Constructions: Biggest Marshaling Yard, Suspension Bridge & Intersection | Engineering Documentary

00:06 The largest shunting station in Europe
A gigantic network of rails: We take a look behind the scenes of Europe's largest shunting station.

09:52 The longest suspension bridge in Europe
A new suspension bridge has just opened in Reutte in Tyrol. With over 70 tons and 400 meters, it is currently the longest suspension bridge in Europe. We show how this mega project came about and why a small toy helicopter played such an important role during construction.

25:09 World's Biggest Intersection
This is the biggest and craziest intersection in the world: 5 levels, 20 junctions. Navigating your car through it or crossing as a pedestrian can be quite the adventure, and dangerous to boot. We take a look at the mechanizations of this intersection and how it all works!

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