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Watch The Terminator Терминатор 1984
20 Jun 2020
Watch The Terminator Терминатор 1984
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Movies You Should Watch If You Like The Matrix


It's true that there's nothing quite like a movie where you can download 'kung fu' directly into your brain, but there are plenty of other trippy, amazing films out there that you'll love if you're a fan of The Matrix.

Since its release, The Matrix really became the gold standard of movies that ask "how real is our reality?" Everyone who saw it had to question the world, at least for a moment, and wonder if everything we see and feel every day actually exists, or if it's all just an illusion.

Well, folks, let us assure you: we're not living in a simulation, even if there are some days where we'd actually prefer to wake up in a goo pod and find out it was all fake. We've just got to make the best of this reality, because it's the only one we have.

Or is it? Director Christopher Nolan's 2010 hit Inception raised this very question and gave no satisfying answers, but in a very satisfying way. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen Page, Tom Hardy, and other superstars, this film is packed with great moments that will stick in your memory forever. Even if the plot leaves you scratching your head.

Similar to what the Wachowski’s achieved with their masterpiece trilogy, the beautiful filmmaking in Inception pushes the boundaries of what audiences thought was possible on the big screen. The question at the core of both Inception and The Matrix is something that's been contemplated by children and philosophers for centuries, and it's an idea that rolls around in our human experience, accompanying us our whole lives. How can we know if what we experience as reality is truth?

There's no way to know for sure, but hey. If this is a dream, a simulation, or some kid's snowglobe, at least we’ve got some great movies to watch.

If you've never heard of Existenz and you give it a watch after this, you might be shocked that you'd never seen it before, but there's actually a reason for its obscurity. Director David Cronenberg's mind-bending, body-twisting action flick might've been a major sci-fi hit, but it was unfortunate enough to be released only a few weeks after The Matrix, and its similar themes were overshadowed by the Wachowskis' wildly popular, visually stunning blockbuster. As a result, Existenz has flown under the radar as a cult classic for years, but now it's time to give this film its due as one of the best, and trippiest, films of the '90s. Keep watching the video to see some movies you should watch if you like The Matrix.

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Inception | 0:15
Existenz | 1:58
John Wick | 3:30
The Animatrix | 5:26
Speed Racer | 7:01
Tron | 8:22
Akira | 10:04
Ghost in the Shell | 11:25

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Watch The Terminator Терминатор 1984
20 Jun 2020
Watch The Terminator Терминатор 1984
Aflam · 21 Views