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Red Hook (Full Movie, Horror Film, Thriller, Comedy) English, Entire Movie, Free to Watch Online

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Published on 19 Jun 2020 / In Film Trailers

Red Hook - Horror Movie, English Film, Full Length, Thriller Movie, Comedy, Free to Watch.

Agoraphobic freshman in New York City must join a scavenger hunt to save her boyfriend from a murderous gamemaster.

Red Hook (2009)
Director: Elizabeth Lucas
Writers: Elizabeth Lucas (story), Sammy Buck (story and screenplay)
Stars: Terrence Mann, Christina Brucato, Tate Ellington
Genre: Comedy, Horror, Thriller
Runtime: 1h 26min

Despite her better judgment, college freshman Jenny (Christina Brucato) reluctantly agrees to join her new friends in a New York City scavenger hunt. As the group receives mysterious text message clues, they’re sent to dark, dangerous corners of the city. Soon, they realize that this is no innocent game, and winning could mean the difference between life and death. Terrence Mann, Hollis Scarborough and Frankie Shaw co-star in this thriller.

College freshman Jenny Traylor joins her dorm's Welcome Week scavenger hunt. But as she and her friends decipher the cryptic text message clues on their cell phones, it becomes terrifyingly clear that the stakes in this game are life and death. Hip, romantic, and darkly clever, RED HOOK is a chilling thrill ride through the landmarks and local haunts of New York City.

“Red Hook” is yet ANOTHER entry into the slasher genre and it is ANOTHER stinker as well. I am almost beginning to wonder if the well hasn’t dried up. It’s been almost fourteen years since “Scream” breathed life back into the genre and there have been hundreds since. There have been good ones and there have been bad ones, there have been mildly entertaining ones, and there have been ones that are just there, like “Red Hook”. As bad as the movie was, there may be a rising star hiding in the muck, director Elizabeth Lucas has vision, confidence, and an eye for film. So maybe it isn’t a complete waste of time after all.

As a child, Jenny (Christina Brucato) witnesses the m*rder of her sister. After living a protected life afterwards, she leaves the small town for New York City in order to go to college. She is still struggling with the horrific event and her own agoraphobia when her Resident Advisor pulls together a scavenger hunt for her and her friends to participate in. She finds a kindred spirit and a partner for the scavenger hunt in Gavin (Tate Ellington) who quickly disappears before the game begins. The small group of friends are lead all over New York looking for clues when the game turns deadly and people come up missing. Is it a game or is it real. The clues are being sent to them from Red Hook as text messages on their phones. The only way to solve the mystery is to piece the clues together and to work as a team.

Nadat ze tien jaar geleden getuige was van de brute moord op haar zus, verlaat Jenny Traylor haar geboortestad in Noord-Carolina en gaat naar een universiteit in New York City. Ze is nog steeds getraumatiseerd en lijdt aan agorafobie, maar doet haar uiterste best haar weg te vinden in de grote stad en haar nieuwe leven een goede start te geven. Er wordt een welkomstfeestje georganiseerd, waarbij Jenny zelf ook mee moet doen aan een speurtocht. Dan krijgen Jenny en haar nieuwe vrienden aanwijzingen binnen via hun mobiele telefoon, die hen naar duistere en afgelegen gebieden van de stad leiden. En dan komt Jenny erachter dat er wellicht iemand is die op haar jaagt...


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