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Steven Ogg Reveals How He Really Feels About GTA

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Published on 19 Jun 2020 / In Film Trailers

You may recognize actor Steven Ogg from his roles on The Walking Dead, The Tick, or the new Snowpiercer series. In that show, he plays Pike, a convicted robber who escaped custody and now leads the Tail of the titular train, serving as a warrior of lower-class passengers.

Or maybe just maybe you know him from the wildly popular video game Grand Theft Auto V, in which he's the voice and motion-captured inspiration behind the deranged Trevor Phillips.

That 2013 role effectively launched Ogg's career, and he's been climbing up the Hollywood ladder ever since.

For the three of you who haven't played GTA V, the action-adventure title follows three career criminals as they, well… commit crimes. These adventures typically involve gunfire, graphic violence, and car chases. The game has sold over 130 million copies across various platforms and generated more than $6 billion in revenue.

In total, the entire GTA franchise, which Rockstar Games launched in 1997, includes more than 11 standalone games, many of which have been bona fide cultural blockbusters. It's one of the most successful video game series in history thanks in large part to GTA V.

In an exclusive interview with Looper, Ogg opened up about what he thinks about the franchise, his feelings about his role as Trevor, and what he knows about the next installment of the game.

Now, before we begin, let us ask you a question: What does a former air force pilot-in-training-turned psychopath career criminal have to do with a good-natured Tatooine moisture farmer?

Well, not a whole lot but Steve Ogg brings up a good point. You see, the enormous popularity of Grand Theft Auto V has left Ogg in a unique position: Despite a prolific career in television, his ultra-violent role in the video game garners him the most attention. Keep watching the video to see how Steven Ogg Reveals How He Really Feels About GTA.

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