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Superheroes Who Sadly Died In 2019

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Published on 19 Jun 2020 / In Film Trailers

2018's superhero body count was impressive to say the least, but 2019's promises to stack at least as high - mostly thanks to the many landmark movies, shows and comic storylines that have been released over the course of the year. Here are a few of the superheroes who have died in 2019. Obviously, there are spoilers ahead, and before you ask about the MCU's Black Widow and Iron Man, just remember that earlier this year we covered superheroes who sadly died in the first half of 2019, so if you want to see them make sure you check out our previous video!

After the whole Thanos thing that's been going down in the MCU these last couple of years, Marvel might be forgiven for thinking they had the edge on killing off characters by scrubbing them from existence. But CW's The Flash begs to differ, since that's how the speedster XS - also known as Nora West-Allen - was killed off in the show's season 5 finale. During this episode, XS gets erased from reality when Team Flash's defeat of the villain Cicada changes Nora's future timeline.

In an earlier episode, the show's heroes learn Nora has been running to and from the future, getting tips on how to beat Cicada from the imprisoned villain, Reverse-Flash. But in the finale, the team figures out Reverse-Flash's motivation - in the future, Cicada's dagger keeps Reverse-Flash powerless, so he wants Flash to destroy it. Regardless of this discovery, the team is forced to destroy Cicada's dagger. Hoping to tie up loose ends, they then travel to the future to stop Reverse-Flash. The heroes seem to be winning the fight, but Nora begins suffering the effects of the timeline change. Reverse-Flash tells the heroes the only way to save Nora is for her to enter his "Negative Speed Force," but she refuses - not wanting to suffer from the negative emotions necessary to access it. Reverse-Flash escapes and Nora dies embracing her mother and father.

You'd be on shaky ground calling Raven's comic book counterpart - the Marvel version, not the Teen Titan - a superhero, since she tends to just veer between moral ambiguity and outright villainy. But ever since 2011's X-Men: First Class, the movie franchise's Raven, also known as Mystique, has been one of the good guys - and she pays dearly for her heroics in 2019's Dark Phoenix. Keep watching the video to see all the superheroes who sadly died in 2019.


XS | 0:28
Raven | 1:49
Selene Gallio | 3:08
Red Daughter | 4:15
Translucent | 5:34
Popclaw | 6:49
Mesmer | 7:54
Aqualad | 9:08
Valkyrie | 10:11
Heimdall | 11:25
The Tony Stark A.I. | 12:39
Skurge the Executioner | 14:00
Dark Beast | 15:35
Starfox | 16:56
Green Arrow | 18:07
Almost all the Arrowverse heroes | 19:19
In Memoriam | 20:27

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