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Why Hollywood Won't Cast Hayden Christensen
19 Jun 2020
Why Hollywood Won't Cast Hayden Christensen
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The Cast Of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movies Today


As unexpected cultural phenomena go, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have got to top the charts. After conquering comics and cartoons, their meteoric rise culminated in a live-action motion picture trilogy that was an unprecedented success. So, what became of the actors who shell shocked the world?

Donatello was voiced by 80's child star and contemporary Wizard of Peculiarity Corey Feldman. If you haven't kept up with Feldman the last few years, keep your arms and legs inside the car, because this gets turbulent.

The Turtles franchise marked a sort of turning point for Feldman. The days of leading roles were fading into the middle distance. Gremlins and Goonies were pretty well behind him. Direct-to-video Lost Boys sequels would be his only constant companions.

"There's a nightcrawler who's created a new designer drug. The only problem is it's not a drug. It's vampire blood."

Unfortunately, this also came at the tail end of a contentious legal battle with his parents, who apparently spent everything the actor made before he was emancipated at age 15.

The '90s unfortunately seemed to hit Feldman like a train. His first marriage dissolved when he was 22, and his career took a hard slide. Lately, Feldman has mostly been associated with his often bizarre shots at starting a third act music career, as well as his support for child sex abuse advocacy groups. Some of his more recent acting work has been a return to the well of ooze: he provided the voice of Slash on the 2013 animated Ninja Turtles series.

Adolescence is hard on most people, and especially difficult for reptilian genetic abominations. Hence, Raphael.

The Turtles' moody, red-clad brother was played by character actor Josh Pais, who gets extra points for not only performing the voice of Raph, but also doing the body work inside of the 70-pound turtle costume, making him the only one of the lead performers to do both. Keep watching the video to see the cast of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies today.


Corey Feldman, Donatello | 0:00
Josh Pais, Raphael | 1:40
Robbie Rist, Michelangelo | 2:51
Brian Tochi, Leonardo | 3:54
Kevin Clash, Splinter | 4:37
Elias Koteas, Casey Jones | 5:30
Judith Hoag, April O'Neil | 6:29
Paige Turco, April 2 | 7:36
Frank Welker, Tokka and Rahzar | 8:30

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Why Hollywood Won't Cast Hayden Christensen
19 Jun 2020
Why Hollywood Won't Cast Hayden Christensen
Aflam Hub · 10 Views