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Donnie Darko's Ending Explained
19 Jun 2020
Donnie Darko's Ending Explained
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The Ending Of Titans Season 2 Explained


Between the demonic possessions, the psychic possessions, the star-crossed politics, the brainwashing, the drug abuse relapses, and all of the drama between the team's members, Titans can get a little complex.

Dick Grayson's evolution from Robin to Nightwing has been simmering ever since the very first episode of Titans.

While he's still dressing as Robin in the beginning of Titans' first season, the rude phrase that shocked fans as soon as the first series trailer dropped was a signal that the Boy Wonder needed to get out from under the Dark Knight's shadow. He eventually burns his Robin costume an act that earns him no end of ire from Bruce Wayne's suit-maker Stu in season 2's penultimate episode and assures Jason Todd that he's no challenge to Jason's role as Robin. Eventually he's forced to ask himself exactly what Todd asks him: if he isn't Robin, who is he?

Dogged by his own inner Bruce Wayne, Dick eventually comes to terms with the need to evolve beyond Robin, as well as beyond being merely Dick Grayson.

When Dick gets himself thrown in prison, he finds more inspiration from a fellow prisoner who carves an image of his home village guardian Alazul, or "blue wing" in Spanish onto their prison cell wall.

Once he finally realizes Jericho is alive within his father's body, Dick breaks himself out of prison. Eventually he makes his way to Stu who, along with Lily, has already been busy making Dick his new outfit. In "Nightwing," the titular hero finally arrives and gives Deathstroke the fight he deserves.

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The emergence of Nightwing | 0:12
The salvation of Jericho | 1:35
The plans of Mercy Graves | 3:09
Nightwing brings Superboy back to the light | 4:30
The death of Donna Troy | 5:53
Donna Troy's honor guard | 7:07
Rachel's evolving powers | 7:49
The future of Hawk & Dove | 8:46
The revelations about Bruce Wayne | 9:44
The wrath of Blackfire | 10:55

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Donnie Darko's Ending Explained
19 Jun 2020
Donnie Darko's Ending Explained
Aflam Hub · 4 Views