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The Grudge Reboot Ending Explained

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Published on 19 Jun 2020 / In Film Trailers

The Grudge is many things, but subtle ain't one of 'em so you probably didn't get too lost along the way. But just in case, here's everything you need to know to make sense of The Grudge's shocking ending. Beware: Spoilers abound!

The Grudge tells its story out of order, saving the big reveals for when they will deliver the biggest emotional punch. Telling the story chronologically isn't as interesting, but it is necessary to understand the ending.

In 2004, Fiona Landers returns home from Japan, where she worked as a caretaker in a cursed house. Unfortunately, while Fiona is happy to be reunited with her husband Sam and her daughter Melinda, the joy doesn't last. The curse has followed Fiona home to 44 Reyburn Drive, where, driven mad by the apparitions she sees, she drowns Melinda and stabs Sam, then takes her own life.

Shortly afterwards, married real estate agents Peter and Nina Spencer, unaware that the Landers have been murdered, try to sell the Reyburn house. Peter goes inside the house, but Nina, who's pregnant, doesn't. The curse attaches itself to Peter, who stabs Nina in their kitchen before drowning himself in their tub.

In 2005, Faith and William Matheson move into the house so that Faith, who has cancer, can be closer to her doctors. Both Faith and William see ghosts, but while William isn't too worried, Faith loses her mind. By the time Lorna Moody, an assisted suicide attendant, comes by to help Faith die with dignity, Faith is completely gone. Faith murders William and cuts off her own fingers. Lorna flees, but sees a vision of Sam Landers while driving and crashes her car. Her body isn't found for months.

This is where Detective Muldoon enters the picture.

In 2006, Muldoon moves to town just a few months after losing her husband, forcing her to raise her son Burke alone. Her new partner, Detective Goodman, has a few tragedies in his past, too. His original partner, Wilson, became obsessed with the house at 44 Reyburn Drive after investigating the Landers killings, and eventually shot himself. He survived, and is now institutionalized. Keep watching the video to see The Grudge reboot ending explained!

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Three families, three tragedies | 0:15
Stay out of 44 Reyburn Drive | 1:42
Origin of evil | 3:11
It will never let you go | 4:30
A new spawning ground | 5:34

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