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The Most Disturbing Movies Of 2019 So Far

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Published on 19 Jun 2020 / In Film Trailers

As the year continues to deliver a potent slate of movies possessed of unholy terrors, nefarious characters, and beastly delights, we're happy to chronicle each and every one of them for you. These are the most disturbing movies of 2019.

Director and screenwriter Dan Gilroy last teamed up with Jake Gyllenhaal for a caustic media satire about an overly ambitious young man trying to break into the gritty world of crime journalism. Nightcrawler seamlessly blended biting satire with a distinctly dark sensibility, even using horror movie tropes to give the action a nightmarish, post-modern quality. Featuring one of the best performances of Gyllenhaal's career, Nightcrawler proved to be one of 2014's best films.

In fact, the gruesome, gritty film was such a success, the pair teamed up once again for Gilroy's latest satirical confection...the supernatural thriller Velvet Buzzsaw. You'll be happy to know they deliver another scathing indictment on capitalist culture…although Velvet Buzzsaw is a far campier and cheekier experience.

The film revolves around the fickle, opportunistic world of modern art. We meet a vapid circle of taste-makers out to get rich by selling off a recently unearthed stack of paintings. The catch? These paintings were created by a madman whose spirit resides in each work of art…and now the ghastly ghoul seeks revenge against anyone who tries profiting from his work. Yes, the plot is as silly as it sounds. And yes, Gilroy fully embraces that silliness throughout the film. He also tempers the mood with a heaping dose of menace that transforms his parody into a brooding, bloody beast of a film.

Watch the video for more about the most disturbing movies of 2019 so far!

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Velvet Buzzsaw | 0:14
The Perfection | 1:40
Us | 3:04
Pet Sematary | 4:18
Dragged Across Concrete | 5:33
The Hole in the Ground | 6:26
Climax | 7:49
High Life | 9:13
The Wind | 9:53
Hagazussa | 10:35
Possum | 11:03

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