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Movie Scenes That Nearly Killed Jackie Chan
19 Jun 2020
Movie Scenes That Nearly Killed Jackie Chan
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The Most Epic Bruce Lee Fight Scenes Ever


Whenever Bruce Lee stepped onto the screen, he moved at ridiculous speeds, took out legions of bad guys with his devastating punching power, and inspired audience members to sign up for martial arts classes in droves. Let's take a look at his most epic fight scenes.

In The Big Boss, Bruce Lee — in his first leading role — plays a young man who's trying to avoid fistfights after promising his mom he wouldn't get into any more trouble. Unfortunately, things are kind of rough at work. Our hero spends his days sweating at an ice factory, and he soon discovers his boss is secretly a drug dealer with a bad habit of killing people... including members of Lee's family.

After his cousins go mysteriously "missing," Lee explores the ice factory and finds his relatives all chopped up and frozen. But before he can call the cops, an army of henchmen shows up, armed with everything from chains and knives to tongs and ice choppers. Fortunately for viewers, Lee isn't afraid to get inventive: He blinds his enemies with sawdust, cracks a dude's head with a flashlight, and slashes at his foes with a handsaw.

Sure, Lee is majorly outnumbered, but it doesn't seem to matter. He dodges knives and jumps over thugs like he's Superman leaping tall buildings. When Lee gets his own blade, we're treated to geysers of blood spurting across the screen. But the best moment comes when Lee punches a dude through a wooden shed, leaving a Looney Tunes-style hole in the wall, complete with outstretched arms.

When Lee shows up at the bad guy's compound at the end of The Big Boss, he's so confident in his abilities that he's snacking on chips while fighting the drug dealer's goons. And when he reaches the titular big boss, Lee picks him up over his head and chucks him across the yard. When the bad guy pulls out some blades, Lee uses his own shirt to keep the drug dealer at bay. Both dudes are jumping around Crouching Tiger-style, and at one point in the fight, Lee takes the big boss to the ground, wraps his legs around the bad guy's legs, and starts rolling across the grass like a crocodile. Keep watching the video to see the most epic Bruce Lee fight scenes ever!


The ice factory fight | 0:00
The Big Boss showdown | 1:30
The dojo battle | 2:24
Bruce Lee meets the strongman | 3:26
Nunchucks versus katana | 4:35
Back alley brawls | 5:31
Battle of the titans | 6:34
Bruce Lee hits back | 7:34
The maze of mirrors | 8:38
Jeet kune do versus escrima | 9:25
David and Goliath | 10:42

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Movie Scenes That Nearly Killed Jackie Chan
19 Jun 2020
Movie Scenes That Nearly Killed Jackie Chan
Aflam Hub · 18 Views