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Most Disturbing Moments In Marvel Comics
19 Jun 2020
Most Disturbing Moments In Marvel Comics
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The Most Paused Fast & Furious Moments


This is our definitive collection of the absolute most pause-worthy moments in the Fast and Furious franchise. Not just the coolest scenes, but the actual moments that had you picking your jaw off the floor and theater audiences howling in disbelief.

They're fun in their own way, but the first three movies in the Fast franchise clearly follow a pretty predictable formula, right up until the third one enters its final act. To put it kindly, Tokyo Drift is the most polarizing entry in the series, ditching Dom and Brian in favor of country boy Sean Boswell and retired racer Han Lue. Late in the film, as they tear through the packed city streets, racing for their lives, Han's car is struck suddenly while going through an intersection. Sean bolts from his own car to help Han, who is trapped and bleeding in the wrecked car, but the gas ignites.

Han's death shocked fans and elicited true gasps in the theater. His arc resonated with audiences who watched him overcome a tragic past to find new purpose through Sean.

Fans loved how Han's disaffected lilt and playfulness contrasted beautifully against the chest-thumping bravado of the other racers, making his death sting that much more.

This moment is monumental in the franchise. It solidified Tokyo Drift as essential viewing and set in motion the arc that would dominate the next decade of the saga. And when Han came back for the fourth, fifth, and sixth films, we needed to pause things just to figure out the timeline.

When a grieving Han tells the crew he's moving to Tokyo in Fast & Furious 6, you could feel the entire theater sit up and pay attention. Everyone wondered if that was it. Was the loop closed now? Then a surprise epilogue floored everyone, playing back Han's death from a new angle. It turned out that this was no random collision. Stunned, we watched Deckard Shaw emerge from the other car, and coldly toss Letty's silver cross necklace into the wreckage with Han still trapped. Walking away, Deckard leaves a threatening voicemail for Dominic Toretto as the car explodes behind him. Keep watching the video to see the most paused Fast & Furious moments.

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Han's death, part one | 0:00
Han's death, part two | 1:20
Flipping the bus | 1:57
Dropping cars | 2:50
That Superman thing | 3:49
Between the Rock and a hard place | 4:33
Cliffhanger | 5:21
Early withdrawal | 6:19
Rain of the zombie cars | 7:16
A game of chicken | 8:01
Sub conscious | 9:09

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Most Disturbing Moments In Marvel Comics
19 Jun 2020
Most Disturbing Moments In Marvel Comics
Aflam Hub · 5 Views