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19 Jun 2020
Watch 22 Bullets Full Movie
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The Most Paused Horror Movie Scenes Of All Time


Sometimes you just need a few extra seconds before all the screaming and stabbing starts up again. From nightmarish jump scares to unbelievably weird-looking beasts, these are the most paused horror movie moments.

David Kessler is having a rough vacation. He just wanted to go backpacking across the Yorkshire moors, but the moment he steps off the beaten path, he's attacked by a werewolf. When he wakes up in a London hospital, he keeps having ghastly nightmares. These freaky dreams are the scariest parts of An American Werewolf in London.

From the hospital, we cut to David's home. He's working on his college homework, his family is watching TV, and everything seems peaceful. Before we can get our bearings, an army of mutant Nazi monsters bursts into the house and guns down David's family. They burn his home, shoot everything to pieces, and kill David.

And that's when our hero wakes up in his hospital bed. It was all just a nasty Nazi dream, and his sympathetic nurse is only too happy to open up the curtains and let some sunlight in. But as she pulls back the shades, there's a Nazi-Beast standing there, knife in hand, and he stabs the nurse to death. We haven't even seen the American werewolf yet, and we're already pressing pause so we can collect our nerves.

The psycho witch turned evil spirit, Bathsheba is having a great time in The Conjuring, terrorizing the poor Perron family. Of course, if those kids think they're scared whenever Bathsheba shows up, then they've got no idea what we're going through. Whether she's playing "hide and clap" in the cellar or getting all possessive, every time this hag shows up on screen, we're hiding behind the sofa.

Of course, there's one Bathsheba scene that stands head and shoulders above the rest. It's the scene where young Andrea hears something banging around inside her wardrobe. Nervous, she goes to check it out, flings open the doors, and finds nothing inside. That's because Bathsheba is up on top, just waiting to pounce. Keep watching the video to see the most paused horror movie scenes of all time!


An American Werewolf in London | 0:14
The Conjuring | 1:15
Evil Dead II | 2:17
Gerald's Game | 3:36
It | 4:58
Mandy | 6:15
The Perfection | 7:08
The Ritual | 8:15
Signs | 9:20
The Strangers | 10:34

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Watch 22 Bullets Full Movie
19 Jun 2020
Watch 22 Bullets Full Movie
Aflam Hub · 27 Views