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The Most Unforgettable Moments In Pawn Stars History

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Published on 19 Jun 2020 / In Film Trailers

History Channel's hit reality television show Pawn Stars has been on the air for ten years, and it's certainly been an eventful decade. The show has had its fair share of heartfelt moments and tense situations. Here are the most unforgettable moments in Pawn Stars history.

In one of the most iconic moments from the first season, Rick, Big Hoss, and Chumlee all work together to pull a fast one on the Old Man. They arrange to have his beloved 1966 Chrysler Imperial towed from the Gold & Silver's back lot to be given a full restoration. There's a twist: they do so in secret, so when the Old Man comes into the store asking where his car is, Rick tells his father that they finally sold the thing.

After the Old Man threatens to unleash "the wrath of God," Chumlee goes even further, informing the Old Man that this fictional buyer was planning on turning the rare classic into a lowrider with hydraulics and a cheetah-skin interior. The Old Man storms off after cursing at his son and grandson.

A few weeks later, the car is finished, and Rick brings the Old Man to the back lot to reveal the gift for his 50th wedding anniversary. The Old Man loves his newly-restored car and even calls it a work of art. Watching the Old Man go from furious to ecstatic makes this one of the best moments of the show's entire run.

In the sixth season episode "Say It Ain't So," a customer comes into the store with a book signed by baseball player Shoeless Joe Jackson. Not only was Jackson a legendary baseball player, he was illiterate, so his signature is incredibly rare. Naturally, Rick asks for any documentation that may support the customer's story. To his surprise, the customer produces a letter of authentication, and Rick decides to buy the book on the spot for $13,000 before the customer can change his mind and sell it somewhere else. Keep watching the video to see the most unforgettable moments in Pawn Stars history.


Fixing the old man's car | 0:00
The fake Shoeless Joe signature | 1:22
Secret Santa | 2:14
A customer's huge mistake | 2:56
The costume contest | 3:40
Rick makes a bad deal | 4:25
The Old Man's tribute episode | 5:21
The '32 Lincoln Roadster | 6:13
Chumlee faces the music | 7:18
The parking lot obstacle course | 8:28
A customer's reaction alerts security | 9:17

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