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The Real Reason Hawaii Five-0 Called It Quits

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Published on 19 Jun 2020 / In Film Trailers

Hawaii Five-O graced our screens for many years, but that's recently come to an end. In February 2020, it was announced that the tenth season would be the last for the popular show. So why did the series come to an end and what did it have to do with star Alex O'Loughlin ? Well… a lot.

A report by Deadline offered some insight into Alex O'Loughlin who portrayed Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett and his time on the show, pointing out that it's not the first time the actor has considered calling it quits. As recently as a couple of years ago, it was speculated that the actor, who was known to be having physical difficulty with the show's demands and suffered a serious back injury pretty early on in the show's run would depart. Fortunately, he opted to stay on following a successful round of stem cell treatment.

At this point, however, O'Loughlin's body was telling him to quit and rather than replace him with a new partner for Scott Caan's Detective Sergeant Danny "Danno" Williams, the series' creatives decided that it was simply time to hang it up. After all, can anyone really see Danno running around with a new partner?

The rest of the cast may have been fairly fluid throughout the past 10 years, but the two leads have been together from the beginning. Sometimes it's best for shows to pull the plug rather than push on when they hit a wall, and losing one of their main leads would certainly constitute such a wall.

O'Loughlin spoke two years ago on his possible departure to TV Line, pointing out how things had changed since the show's beginning. He also described the proverbial laundry list of injuries he sustained on the show. Ready for this one? Keep watching the video. to see the real reason Hawaii Five-0 called it quits.

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