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The Truth About Castlevania
19 Jun 2020
The Truth About Castlevania
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The Truth About Hannibal Lecter's Backstory Revealed


What were the events and traumas that shaped Hannibal Lecter into the weirdly beloved serial killer he became? The fava beans are stewing and the Chianti is decanting we're having lots of old friends for dinner to explore Hannibal Lecter's story.

Hannibal Lecter was born on January 20, 1933 in the southeastern region of Lithuania to a family of great wealth and noble bloodline. His Lithuanian father, Count Lecter, was a direct descendent of warlord Hannibal the Grim, while his Italian mother's ancestors ruled Milan for over two centuries.

Hannibal's education began early, and his teachers quickly discovered his extraordinary intellect, along with a gift for learning languages. By the time he was 10 years old, Hannibal could speak Lithuanian, German, English, and Italian, and he was on the road to being fluent in Latin.

In 1939 his sister Mischa was born. Hannibal was extremely protective of her and cared for her more than anyone. It wasn't long after her birth, however, that tragedy befell the Lecter family. In 1941, they were forced to flee their castle when Nazi troops invaded.

A small group of Nazis, lead by a brutish sadist named Vladis Grutas, found the Lecters and killed the parents in front of Hannibal and Mischa. The children were kidnapped and held prisoner until food ran out. It was then that Grutas cooked Mischa in a stew in front of Hannibal and forced him to eat it. Still in shackles, eight-year-old Hannibal escaped into the woods.

By the grace of wartime alliances, young Hannibal was found wandering in the woods by Soviet soldiers. The trauma he'd survived turned him mute, although he'd fully repressed the memory of what happened with his sister.

By this time, the Russians occupied Castle Lecter and turned it into an orphanage for children like Hannibal. Keep watching the video to see the truth about Hannibal Lecter's backstory revealed!

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Childhood tragedies | 0:13
An unfamiliar castle | 1:19
The first kill | 2:03
The Paris years | 3:08
The Baltimore years | 4:08
Bryan Fuller's Hannibal | 5:08
Fleshed out backstory | 6:26
Prison years | 7:34
The screaming of the lambs | 9:04
Florence years | 10:09
On the run | 11:04

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The Truth About Castlevania
19 Jun 2020
The Truth About Castlevania
Aflam Hub · 3 Views