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The Truth About The Boat Gibbs Is Building On NCIS

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Published on 19 Jun 2020 / In Film Trailers

For 17 seasons, NCIS' lead investigator Leroy Jethro Gibbs has been building boats in his basement, leading to some of the most memorable moments in the series, as well as one of its biggest mysteries.

Obviously, the boats in Gibbs' basement are very important to the character. On NCIS, Gibbs is a fairly straight-laced guy, and boat-building seems to be one of the few ways that he relaxes. Woodworking is an intimate, meditative activity, and Gibbs' choice of pastime offers a lot of insight into the character.

But Gibbs' connection to his boats goes deeper than a mere hobby. See, Gibbs has a habit of naming each of his boats after someone close to him, often with disastrous results. Sure, naming one of his boats after his second wife, Diane, seemed like a sweet gesture at the time. After the marriage fell apart, though, Gibbs only had one choice: He had to burn the boat to the ground.

The boat that Gibbs was building during the first six seasons of NCIS was a particularly personal project for the Navy special agent, as it was named after Gibbs' daughter, Kelly. In NCIS lore, Kelly and her mother, Gibbs' first wife, Shannon, were killed in a car accident after their driver was shot by a drug dealer.

The Kelly was supposed to be a tribute to Gibbs' late daughter, but ended up meeting a grisly fate of its own. In the season seven episode "Outlaws and In-Laws," the Kelly, which Gibbs finished off-screen and gave to his mentor, Michael Franks, was found drifting at sea with two dead bodies on board. An ominous sign for sure, but thankfully, the NCIS crew was on the case.

Watch the video for more about the truth about the boat Gibbs is building on NCIS!

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