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The Truth About Castlevania
19 Jun 2020
The Truth About Castlevania
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The Untold Truth Of Stargirl


If you want to know how Courtney Whitmore went from relative obscurity to having her own TV show, and how she's carrying on a tradition of heroism that stretches back a solid 80 years, keep watching to learn the real truth behind DC's Stargirl.

Courtney Whitmore carries on a legacy that goes all the way back to the 1940s. Before she was Stargirl, Courtney was the Star-Spangled Kid.

That identity that once belonged to Sylvester Pemberton, who made his debut in the pages of 1941's Star-Spangled Comics #1. He and his sidekick Stripesy (stars and stripes, get it?) were a patriotic take on Batman and Robin; a fabulously wealthy crimefighter and his sidekick. They had no super powers, just a talent for hand-to-hand combat and a cool car. The twist was that the kid was the hero, and the grown-up was the sidekick. Sylvester was the teenage heir to the Pemberton family fortune, and Stripesy was Pat Dugan, his chauffer.

The duo started going through some rough times before the end of the decade. They were eventually shoved out of their own book by a character who was introduced to be their sidekick, Merry, the Girl of 1,000 Gimmicks. Stripesy would fall by the wayside as the years went on, but Sylvester would have a much more tragic end.

For characters who had their origins tied to World War II it became increasingly difficult to explain why they hadn't aged over time. Captain America, for example, had to be a "man out of time" frozen in a block of ice for however long it's been since the war.

The Star-Spangled Kid, Stripesy, and the other members of their super-team, the Seven Soldiers of Victory, all got caught in a time warp back in 1948. When they emerged in the future, Sylvester took the name Skyman and began using a "Cosmic Converter Belt" that gave him super powers. He teamed up with the children of some characters from his era to form a group called Infinity, Inc. Keep watching the video to see the untold truth of Stargirl!


Golden Age legacy | 0:15
Skyman's gruesome fate | 1:15
Enter Starman | 2:22
The new Star-Spangled Kid | 3:37
Starman passes the mantle | 4:31
Bad romance | 5:49
Hitting the screen | 7:13
Legends of Stargirl | 8:33
Stargirl's star turn | 10:03

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The Truth About Castlevania
19 Jun 2020
The Truth About Castlevania
Aflam Hub · 3 Views