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Things Only Adults Notice In Artemis Fowl

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Published on 19 Jun 2020 / In Film Trailers

Artemis Fowl is a movie for kids, but it's a complicated one with lots going on. There's something for everyone, even adults, who will see the movie from a completely different angle. These are the things only adults notice in Artemis Fowl.

Young Artemis Fowl is empowered to do the amazing things he does through a lack of adult supervision. There aren't any parents around to tell him to be home by nine, or to not wage violent war against an army of magical creatures. As is the case with many literary and movie heroes who are also children, Artemis' parents are noticeably and alarmingly absent.

The poor kid's beloved mother is long dead before the events of the movie take place.

While his father's absence prompted by his kidnapping at the hands of a vindictive fairy queen is the main plot of Artemis Fowl, it's stated that Artemis Sr. frequently leaves home for long stretches of time, much to Artemis Jr.'s resentment and annoyance.

In other words, young Artemis is being raised by a largely absent single parent. Adults will wonder who's looking after this kid a high-maintenance job, what with his genius level abilities and needs. Sure, there's his bodyguard Domovoi Butler, but he seems to be more of an adventure cohort than a parental figure who does things like take Artemis to school or make him a meal.

One of the highlights of the Artemis Fowl adaptation is Josh Gad as a witty career criminal dwarf named Mulch Diggums. The character serves as both audience surrogate and narrator, explaining the film's elaborate and nuanced fantasy world for newbies, while also participating in the story itself. But Gad's character is a problematic narrator, plot-wise. Keep watching the video to see things only adults notice in Artemis Fowl!


Who's watching the kid? | 0:00
Questionable narrator | 1:20
Feels quite familiar | 2:01
Uncomfortable racial politics | 3:23
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The truth about David Bowie | 4:59

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