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Truly Meaningful Crisis On Infinite Earths Characters

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Published on 19 Jun 2020 / In Film Trailers

The CW's crossover event is reaching out to the live-action TV and film adaptations of the past and present to weave as many characters as possible into Crisis' rich tapestry. Heroes and villains are falling and rising, worlds are dying, and the cameos flow freely. From here on in, be prepared for spoilers.

Crisis on Infinite Earths doesn't waste any time before it pays fan service to popular DC superhero adaptations of old. Part One of the crossover opens with cameos from across classic comic book films and TV, beginning with Robert Wuhl reprising his role as ambitious investigative reporter Alexander Knox on Earth-89. Wuhl played Knox the only reporter in Gotham who believed Batman was real and was determined to find out who he was in Tim Burton's 1989 Batman movie.

We never learn if Knox's coverage of the Dark Knight wins him the acclaim he always wanted, but judging by the paper he's reading, Batman coverage is at least a little more mainstream these days.

Among the myriad of different worlds we're shown succumbing to the antimatter wave in the opening minutes of Crisis on Infinite Earths is Earth-9. We see only two young heroes' faces before the end comes, and if you're not familiar with the DC Universe streaming service's original programming, you might not have any idea who they are.

Both heroes hail from DC Universe's very first original series, Titans. The hero in the red-and-white suit is Hawk and the younger hero in the domino mask is Robin. Specifically, this Robin is Jason Todd who, in the comics, is the second boy to take on the name Robin, eventually dying violently at the hands of the Joker. Keep watching the video to see the truly meaningful Crisis on Infinite Earths characters!

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Alexander Knox | 0:20
The Titans debut | 1:02
Burt Ward returns | 1:49
Jon Cryer's Lex Luthor | 2:27
The Monitor and the Anti-Monitor | 3:21
Harbinger | 4:03
Smallville's Clark Kent | 5:00
The Superman of Earth-96 | 5:43
Batman of Earth-99 | 6:19
The Pariah of Crisis | 7:35
Birds of Prey | 8:24
A second Atom? | 9:01
Speak of the devil | 9:59
Flash of Earth-90 | 10:44
The new Spectre? | 11:45

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