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We Finally Understand The Entire Halloween Storyline

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Published on 19 Jun 2020 / In Film Trailers

The Halloween franchise has had so many twists and turns that trying to sort out the story can be a little confusing. No worries, though. We've laid out the whole timeline in detail. From that first night of terror to Michael's bloody return, here's the entire Halloween story finally explained.

Halloween opens on Halloween night in 1963. Judith Myers should be babysitting her six-year-old brother, Michael, but what she's actually doing is making out with her boyfriend. So Michael decides he's going to spend his evening doing some killing. After slaughtering his sister, he's institutionalized, and his psychiatrist, Dr. Sam Loomis, becomes convinced that Michael is pure evil and should never be allowed back into the world.

But, in 1978, Michael escapes and heads back to his hometown, looking to pick up right where he left off. When he gets home, he finds high schooler Laurie Strode hanging around, so of course he decides to make her and her friends his next targets.

For the rest of the night, Michael stalks and kills Laurie's friends, one by one. But Laurie is stronger than he gives her credit for, and she manages to fend him off long enough to allow Loomis to arrive on the scene and shoot him six times, knocking him off a balcony and onto the ground below.

That same night, Laurie is taken to Haddonfield Memorial Hospital. Michael survives his fall from the balcony, and follows Laurie because he's not one to let his victims get away. It's also discovered that Laurie is, surprise! Michael's younger sister. Keep watching the video because we finally understand the entire Halloween storyline.

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Halloween (1978) | 0:16
Halloween II | 1:08
Halloween III: Season of the Witch | 1:55
Halloween IV: The Return of Michael Myers | 2:34
Halloween V: The Revenge of Michael Myers | 3:25
Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers | 4:13
Halloween H20: 20 Years Later | 5:00
Halloween: Resurrection | 5:56
Halloween (2018) | 6:45

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