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Why Hollywood Won't Cast Hayden Christensen
19 Jun 2020
Why Hollywood Won't Cast Hayden Christensen
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What Happened To The Cast Of Miami Vice?


It's been over 30 years since Crockett and Tubbs last donned their pastels and saved the day on Miami Vice. But just where have the cast of this 1980s megahit gone in the years following the show's finale? Here's what the cast of Miami Vice are up to today.

Once he donned Sonny Crockett's legendary Ray-Bans, Don Johnson became one of the biggest stars on television. Crockett nails every great cop story trope. A rogue whose code clashes with department bureaucracy? Check. A tough-as-nails exterior hiding a wounded heart? Double check. The coolest guy in the room, right up until it's time to deal some justice to the criminal underworld? Triple check. Crockett's intense charisma and undeniable badassery makes him the focus of Miami Vice's universe, and a straight-up icon to boot.

After his time as Crockett ended, Johnson tried to jump to leading man status on the big screen. Unfortunately, films such as The Hot Spot and Harley Davidson & the Marlboro Man failed to impress critics or blow up the box office. His next big success was back on television, as the lead on CBS police drama Nash Bridges, which matched Miami Vice's five-year run in length, if not in impact. The 2000s saw Johnson bouncing between supporting roles, but 2019 offered up something of a renaissance for the actor, as he played major parts in two critically-hailed projects: Rian Johnson's twisty murder mystery Knives Out, and HBO's prestige series, Watchmen. He'll next appear in Rebel Ridge, an upcoming Netflix thriller by director Jeremy Saulnier.

Detective Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs, played by Philip Michael Thomas, is the yin to Crockett's yang. A transplant from the NYPD, he quickly finds himself seduced by the "vice" side of his work, often engaging in off-duty relationships with persons of interest, and even fathering a child with the daughter of drug lord Esteban Calderone. Still, when the chips are down, he always has Crockett's back. Phillip Michael Thomas brought a huge sense of style to the part, forever searing Tubbs into the public consciousness.

Sadly, Thomas never quite followed up on the momentum from his time as Tubbs. He released a pair of albums, starred in a short-lived Italian TV series called Detective Extralarge, and fronted the Philip Michael Thomas International Psychic Network. Which is exactly what it sounds like. Keep watching the video to find out what happened to the cast of Miami Vice?


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Why Hollywood Won't Cast Hayden Christensen
19 Jun 2020
Why Hollywood Won't Cast Hayden Christensen
Aflam Hub · 9 Views