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The Darkest Episodes Of Kids' TV Shows
19 Jun 2020
The Darkest Episodes Of Kids' TV Shows
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Why These Animated Superhero Shows Were Really Canceled


Some superhero cartoons have multiple seasons to tell their story, while others end abruptly, often on cliffhangers, left eternally unresolved. Here are the real reasons these animated superhero shows were canceled, although in many cases, knowing why won't make their absence any easier.

Virgil Hawkins is that most classic of superheroes a normal kid until he suddenly very much isn't. Transformed by exposure to a mutagen gas, he gains the ability to control electromagnetism and becomes Static, hero of Dakota City. And alongside his best friend, Richie, he spent four seasons of Static Shock battling bad guys, learning life lessons, and occasionally hanging out with Shaquille O'Neal.

Fans flocked to it. Static Shock earned high ratings from the very beginning, to the point of surpassing all other kids' shows save global juggernaut Pokemon. Nor did these ratings slacken with time. Reruns aired on Cartoon Network outstripped all other children's programming. What, then, put a halt to Static's crackling popularity? Well, it was something that had nothing to do with ratings: merchandising.

As creator Dwayne McDuffie recounted years after the show's end, animation is enormously expensive to produce, and it depends upon the success of multiple revenue streams. A well-rated cartoon must also have profitable toys, T-shirts, video games, and tie-in books, which Static Shock lacked. Sadly, toy companies weren't as keen on the cartoon as kids were. McDuffie explained to The World's Finest:

"After five years, we had a Subway value meal, two Scholastic book adaptations, one DVD, and a Gameboy Advance game."

Being able to do as many episodes as they did was, quote, "a gift" one that fans the world over were ecstatic to receive. Keep watching to learn Why These Animated Superhero Shows Were Really Canceled!

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Static Shock | 0:17
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Silver Surfer | 6:42
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Green Lantern: The Animated Series | 8:46
The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes | 9:57
X-Men: The Animated Series | 11:10

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The Darkest Episodes Of Kids' TV Shows
19 Jun 2020
The Darkest Episodes Of Kids' TV Shows
Aflam Hub · 3 Views